Jumat, 22 Juli 2016

Harga dan Spesifikasi SONIM XP7 Terbaru - The Sonim XP7 is the cornerstone of Sonims Mission Critical Solution. An ultra- rugged, LTE/WiFi/Android smartphone, the XP7 is outfitted with unrivaled features such as a touch screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight and easily used with dirty or wet work gloves.

An extra loud speaker, noise cancellation, powerful battery, resistance to drops and water and a 3-Year comprehensive warranty are just some features of the XP7 that provide peace of mind to enterprises and workers alike.

Access to vertical enterprise worker safety and productivity applications as well as a full suite of industrial-grade accessories completes the solution. In extreme and often dangerous working environments where every step is critical, you dont settle for less than the best Sonim XP7.

Harga dan Spesifikasi SONIM XP7 Terbaru

Kekurangan dan kelebihan SONIM XP7

Selain membahas tentang smartphone android SONIM XP7, Review Android juga akan memberikan beberapa ulasan lain, terutama tentang plus minus smartphone android ini. Nah, berikut ini adalah beberapa video kekurangan dan kelebihan SONIM XP7 serta review fitur - fitur unggulan dari SONIM XP7 yang telah mengusung sistem operasi android terbaru pada jamannya. Check this out!

Sonim XP7 Review - Indestructible Phone?

[UPDATE] Harga SONIM XP7 terbaru 2016

Harga baru SONIM XP7 per/2016 dijual dengan harga termurah  , harga smartphone android tersebut bisa saja berubah sewaktu - waktu.

* harga smartphone pada situs ini di update tiap bulan pada minggu pertama.